Processing of Barite in Peru

Weighing of tantalite in Nigeria

The Marketplace is an internet-based Business-to-Business marketplace for trading mineral and metal commodities established in 2000. The core business of is to match the supply and demand. The marketplace is the mean forum to present detailed information about quality, quantity, price and delivery terms for mineral commodities. The actual trade is offline via our Berlin office.

Internet Technology

The internet technology sets ground-breaking trends for marketing and trading. compares and checks product offers on a global scale and speeds up your procurement. Thus it creates new and reliable business opportunities. All market information is password protected and fulfils the top security stan-dards. Responding bids cannot be viewed by competing parties.

Trading Mineral Commodities

Buyers and sellers are kept anonymous. moderates and monitors the matchmaking process and allows a free but anonymous communication between business partners. When preliminary agreement is reached between both parties, signs an agency-contract with the seller or buyer and releases their names and contact details for final arrangements and trade to take place. The trade itself is between the seller and the buyer.

Free Service for Buyers evaluates mineral commodity offers and informs the buyer about current availability and detailed specifications. also does procurement studies on buyer's request. Buyers are assured of getting the best price because they purchase directly from the source. monitors the trade and assists in logistics and quality assurance. Samples are provided to the buyer on initial request. also visits mineral deposits to evaluate their potential, and may fully do the logistics.

Guarantee of Anonymity

All mineral commodity sales and supply requests are advertised anonymously on the Marketplace. Communication via email or fax is monitored by and remains anonymous until an agency-contract is completed and both seller and buyer are willing to have their identity released.

Payment assists sellers or buyers to market or procure their products. gets a commission for this service. The commission is negotiated on an individual basis and is about 5 % for container shipments for industrial minerals, payable after successful completion of a deal.

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